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Spring Summer Collections 2021  

Made in Italy  

Have a look at some of our selected styles from our extensive range.
Many more are available in our showroom: come and visit us. 
Floral Summer Shirt and Skirt.
Long Flower Pleated Dress
Floral Daytime Dress
White Lace Dress
Short Cream Lace Dress
Handmade Gold 18k plated Earrings
Kiwi colour trousers
White T-shirt with Colored Neckles
Caramel Gold 18k plated Earrings
Golden sequined Evening Dress
Long Cocktail Lime Dress
Green with Cross Back T-Shirt
Handmade Gold 18k Plated Earrings
Orange Cotton Shirt with Corals
Orange Shirt with Corals
Coral Pink Jacket hand bead Crystal
White Shirt/Jacket with Crystals
Colored Stones Gold 18k Plated E.
Handmade Sandals Swarovski Crystals
Long Silk Cocktail Dress
Handmade Stylish Necklace
100% Silk long Beige Skirt
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